Our Art Studio

Our Art Studio is located at Mela Asarippallam, opposite to the cemetery of St. Michael church, which is 1 km west to Asarippallam medical college.

The paintings and the statues we produce are based on the works of the greatest Italian Artists who lived during the period (1400-1600).

Our Features

Classy western model statues exhibiting rich tradition can be affixed in churches, shrines, grottos, and even in residences and convents.

Unique works of angels with different expressions in varied positions are provided by our George Arts.

The statues can be made of any size.

The statues of simple models are available at affordable prices.

Drapery, which is a major source of stylistic formula in sculpture and painting, is adopted by us in our works.

The folding we use in the statues is Pipe folds, Zigzag folds, Spiral folds, Diaper folds, Drop folds and Inert folds.